Personal projects

These projects are part of my portfolio that demonstrates the skills i obtain and any professional work I have done that I can publish. Most of them are Open Source and can be downloaded, inspected, run, modified and committed. And the HTML/JS ones can be viewed right here and now.

HTML / CSS / Javascript

This site is built with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3 and JQuery.

Cat Food

Catfood captcher is to capture the foods your animals like and don't like. This is my first react-redux application. [Deployed], [Github]

Sudoku React

Years ago I wrote a Sudoku app in Java (see below). This is a new version that is interactive (ie. one can play it) as well as a solver. I wrote it as my first Reactjs project. [Deployed], [Github]


There is a bit of a theme in my work with some projects I've been doing relating to stocks and the share market. Financials are an area I'd like to learn more about. I've been managing my own stock portfolio and finances since my 20's and I have been trying to build on that by building stock portfolio applications.
This version is written in AngularJS. [Github]