Personal projects

These projects are part of my portfolio that demonstrates the skills i obtain and any professional work I have done that I can publish. Most of them are Open Source and can be downloaded, inspected, run, modified and committed. And the HTML/JS ones can be viewed right here and now.

HTML / CSS / Javascript
This site is built with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and later Angular.
Sudoku React
Years ago I wrote a Sudoku app in Java (see below). This is a new version that is interactive (ie. one can play it) as well as a solver. I wrote it as my first Reactjs project. See See Sudoku deployed.

There is a bit of a theme in my work with some projects I've been doing relating to stocks and the share market. Financials are an area I'd like to learn more about. I've been managing my own stock portfolio and finances since my 20's and I have been trying to build on that by building stock portfolio applications.
This version is written in AngularJS.
See github
Java (Eclipse SWT)
Sudoku Solver
Back when Sudoku first became popular I wrote a game solving engine in Perl. It was pretty rough, basic and the code was fairly hard to follow. I was sitting on a plane and became a bit board after the hostess asked me to turn off my iPad (i cannot see what technical issues having an iPad in Flight Mode would cause!). I picked up the InFlight magazine and saw Sudoku puzzles. I thought about a recursive algorithm to solve a board. In my spare time I wrote it in Java with a simple output-only SWT table used to show the initial Sudoku board being solved. I was amazed to see the zero-entry board (no squares filled in), take only a second or two to solve (there is a Thread.sleep() to slow it down so you can see it work (fill squares, back track, try different numbers ...).
JavaEE, EJB 3.x, JSF 2.x
Spritzer Watering system application
I wrote this as a test and showcase of my EJB development skills and also as something I'd love to see working - a watering system controlled from a web application allowing clients on all manner of devices or even on my desktop. Anything than having to crawl under the house where the control box is currently! And the tan coloured box has an interface developed in the 80's.
See github
Back in the mid 90's I wrote an implemention of the Mandelbrot Set on my MacPlus (256k RAM, 40Meg HD), I almost cried at the picture that was created as it was the most amazing thing I'd seen; and I did it! The downside is that it took 13 hours to render one screen! FXMandelbrot takes 10 to 20 seconds for the same number of pixels (ie. equivalent number of calculations). I will keep trying to improve this time and this application as its still a bit rough.
See github
JavaFx Calendar Timeline chart
This is a job I was doing for a mate who wanted help with a timeline dropdown that controls a calendar view and the chart that corresponds to those dates. For his JavaFX application. A dropdown with Global, Month, Week and Day values selects the data displayed in the chart and the timeline displayed.
See github
StockFx (Tm)
I needed a project to play with JavaFx and I was hankering for one to satisfy my desire to do stock portfolios in my own code. The truth is, I'm finding JavaFx to be really cool. Kicks Swing's butt. HTML5 is great and I will be putting more effort into doing some apps using 'it', but JavaFx is flavour of my month, and some argue using JavaFx is better in some cases.
This project proceeded stockNg by a couple years.
See github
Spring Framework
Spring Spritzer Watering system application
The SpringSpritzer Watering system EJB 3.x application ported to Spring.
(Under development)
Receipts receipts receipts. I don't know about your side of the world, but we get receipts for everything we buy. I'm not complaining that we get receipts its just that they are on bits of paper. Why not get them electronically? In the mean-time I'm writing this. Scan those receipts to PDF (indexed text version saved as well) and store them in a database of receipts to be exported to a cash program or have further analysis done on them (what item do I buy most at the grocery store?). This project positions itself to also manage the situation when we do have electronic receipts. So nothing lost when the world gets with the times!
See github
(Under development)